1. All consignment items must be clean, free of dirt and in useable condition. (Blankets/Sheets MUST be clean, Tack MUST be clean and free of dirt/mold)

2. All customers will receive a written receipt of items consigned and prices agreed upon.

3. Customers MUST keep their sheets and numbers , so as to make easy identification for KT Saddlery Staff.

4. Items may be left in our consignment shop indefinitely. We do not have a 3/6/9 month policy. You are free to leave items with us as long as you want.

5. When item is marked "OBO" or Best Offer, KT reserves the right to set the prices to make the sale.

6. We WILL NOT call you if your items sell. You can call us at any time and we will do our best, within a few days, to check the status of your items and contact you.

7. You DO NOT have to sell all of your consigned items to receive payment. As each of your items sell, we will pay you at that time.

8. You may adjust your prices at any time. (Higher or Lower).

9. There is no limit to the number of items you may consign, as long as they are deemed clean and sellable.

10. KT Saddlery will receive 25% on all consigned items.